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The Usefulness of Text for Exposition in Computer Games

By John Brethauer | January 9, 2018

Since the advent of sufficient technology for audio playback, computer games take no greater pleasure than making you wait for audio to play, while you have long ago finished reading the dialogue box or subtitle. It is the same pain of reading the same page of a book with another person.

(parenthetical): a new odplot movie review podcast

By John Brethauer | July 16, 2017
(parenthetical) album cover and logo

Once, a long time ago, John and Amanda tried doing a podcast about movies. But then we got busy making All the Hidden Corners However, now that we’ve made great headway on the game and are on a consistent schedule in its development, we’re bringing it back! From the webpage:…

Why we’re including a digital guide booklet with our game

By John Brethauer | June 28, 2017

The image above is the official guide booklet for a game called Chulip.  It is a game I very much like, and it became semi-well known for doing something a little strange: its packaged instruction booklet came with a full walkthrough for the whole game. A lot of people decried…

Michigan: Report from Hell 

By John Brethauer | September 12, 2016

Michigan: Report from Hell is one of my favorite video games. It did not take long for me to realize it was one of my favorite video games once I started playing it. It was as clear to me as immediately as House (1977) became one of my favorite movies upon seeing…

Disaster Report! review and analysis – The Art of the Immediate Narrative

By John Brethauer | September 9, 2016

Disaster Report! uses techniques akin to those used by Hitchcock in thriller movies, and it works like gangbusters. An analysis and review combo.