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(parenthetical) is a short, twice-a-week podcast presenting mini-reviews of a handful of films each episode, hosted by a long time movie loving couple. The movies in each episode are (usually) thematically linked, and at least one review per week is for a film currently at the box office. Featured films are a mix of the old and new, mainstream and obscure, so you are sure discover forgotten classics and new gems every episode.

Our review scores for each episode is in the description. Using the player below, just press the i button on an episode to see it.

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Rating system

The rating system used for (parenthetical) is equivalent to the Japanese-school-styled grading system. That means S is a perfect, transcendent film, C is the bulk average that is most, and F is a waste of time.

S (秀)
A (優)
B (良)
C (可)
D (認)
F (不可)