Michigan: Report from Hell 

By John Brethauer | September 12, 2016

Michigan: Report from Hell is one of my favorite video games. It did not take long for me to realize it was one of my favorite video games once I started playing it. It was as clear to me as immediately as House (1977) became one of my favorite movies upon seeing it. House is marketed today as…


The Usefulness of Text for Exposition in Computer Games

By John Brethauer | January 9, 2018

Since the advent of sufficient technology for audio playback, computer games take no greater pleasure than making you wait for audio to play, while you have long ago finished reading the dialogue box or subtitle. It is the same pain of reading the same page of a book with another person.


A podcast wherein we review new and old movies. No longer updated - but here is the archive!


A computer game set aboard the trans-siberian express. Coming in 2018.

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Game Design Theory

A study in game design Game design is a newly studied field of entertainment. It is rooted in game theory, yet is different in interesting ways. Computer and board games are a new sort of art, still in their infancy. One of the things we do here is make games. That means we think about…


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