(parenthetical): a new odplot movie review podcast

Once, a long time ago, John and Amanda tried doing a podcast about movies. But then we got busy making All the Hidden Corners

However, now that we’ve made great headway on the game and are on a consistent schedule in its development, we’re bringing it back!

From the webpage:

“(parenthetical) is a short twice-a-week movie podcast that reviews whatever movies the hosts, a couple who have seen thousands of films together, recently watched. Every week they choose a movie to watch at the theater that weekend, but all of the other reviews are up for grabs. Sometimes the films are chosen to support and add context to what they’ll be seeing at the theater; sometimes not. Whatever they are, you’ll be discovering forgotten classics and new gems every episode.”

We already watch a ton of movies, so we figure that we may as well document it in some way. It also gives us an excuse to go back and watch movies that we probably wouldn’t have for a while longer.

You can listen to all the episodes & get listen links on the webpage