A dead language ...

In the late 1970s, a linguistics PhD student is sent into the heart of Russia to investigate rumors that a small village may be home to the speaker of a language long thought extinct.

After a disorienting encounter at a Moscow train station, the student comes into possession of a piece of Soviet technology - a Universal Translator - and accidentally boards an unscheduled train bound for the depths of Siberia.

A host of strange passengers ...

The train is occupied by 12 other passengers. They do not share a common language, yet there seems to be an unspoken knowledge between them.

By the student’s estimation, the speaker of the dying language is 5 days into Siberia. But will this train reach the right destination? And why is everyone aboard behaving so strangely? The Universal Translator must be used to navigate the weird relationships between the passengers to gain their trust and find out what they know.

Gameplay & Features

You must explore as much as possible to gather intel. Listening to all of the characters is essential to fully understanding the social situations that transpire, and that is the only way to make the best decisions to gain the most trust while gathering crucial information.

  • A multinational cast must be communicated with using only nonverbal methods such as nodding, shrugging, or not responding at all.
  • All of the passengers have a unique personality you must tailor your actions around to gain the most trust with them.
  • Each puzzle has multiple solutions, which may or may not be available based on how characters feel about you.
  • The passengers have their own schedule, and important meetings may be missed if you forget to go.